In force from 18.09.2023.

10.1. MasterCard Business

No.  Services Card in EUR Card in USD
10.1.1. Card issue  50,00 EUR 60,00 USD
10.1.2. Fee for urgent  card issue1 30,00 EUR 40,00 USD
10.1.3. Annual card fee 100,00 EUR 120,00 USD
10.1.4. Additional card issue  50,00 EUR 60,00 USD
10.1.5. Annual fee for additional card  100,00 EUR 120,00 USD
10.1.6. Card replacement   50,00 EUR 60,00 USD Card replacement before the expiry date 50,00 EUR 60,00 USD
10.1.7. Reports fee for financial report's at the Bank   25,00 EUR 35,00 USD fee for financial report's in the internetbank   free of charge  free of charge 
10.1.8. Fee for reviewing of an unjustified complaint  free of charge4  free of charge4 
10.1.9. Interest for balance on card account interests for the allowed credit  per year   24 %  are not issued interests for exceeding of the allowed credit limit per year   60 %  are not issued
10.1.10. Overdraft arrangement fee 50,00 EUR are not issued Overdraft extension or contract changes fee 50,00 EUR are not issued
10.1.11. Cash withdrawal cash withdrawal fee in ATMs 3% min. 5,00 EUR 3% min. 7,00 USD cash withdrawal fee in Industra Bank POS in Latvia  3% min. 5,00 EUR 3% min. 7,00 USD cash withdrawal fee in other bank POS 3% (min. 10,00 EUR) 3% (min. 15,00 USD)
10.1.12. Inspection of account balance commission for inspection of account balance at ATMs in in SEPA countries2 0,50 EUR 0,80 USD commission for inspection of account balance at ATMs outside SEPA countries2 0,80 EUR 1,00 USD
10.1.13. Purchases comission 0.25% 0.25% 
10.1.14. Daily limit daily limit for purchasing   4 000 EUR 5 000 USD daily limit for ATM   2 000 EUR 2 500 USD
10.1.15. Currency conversion surcharge, if the currency of the main account attached to the payment card neither coincides with the transaction currency nor with the payment currency  3% 3%
10.1.16. Printing of currency type on a payment card 3,00 EUR  5,00 USD
10.1.17. Administration of card's daily limit 15,00 EUR 20,00 USD
10.1.18 Credit agreement fee 0.25% (min. 0,50 EUR) 0.25% (min. 0,80 USD)
10.1.19. Collateral Amount 250,00 EUR 250,00 USD
10.1.20. Card sending in the Bank's customer service center free of charge free of charge card transfer between Bank’s customer service centers 10,00 EUR 12,00 USD fee for card sent via post within European Union3 10,00 EUR + postage expenses 12,00 USD + postage expenses fee for card sent via post outside European Union3 10,00 EUR + courier mail fee 12,00 USD + courier mail fee


10.2. Travel insurance

No. Services Price list EUR


Standard program

10,00 EUR/per year


Business program

20,00 EUR/per year


Gold program

30,00 EUR/per year


Platinum program

40,00 EUR/per year

1 Subject to prior arrangement with the customer regarding the place of receiving the card at AS "Industra Bank" Central Office, the card is made in 4 hours' time, if the application is submitted before 12 pm.        
2 SEPA- Single EURO Payment Area.        
3 Fee includes two items: card and PIN code.        
4 If the investigation of the complaint requires documents confirming the transaction, a fee corresponding to the actual cost of the service will apply.

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