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The Internet Bank

More than 99% of bank payments are made through the Internet bank, because that is the most convenient way of dealing with accounts and payments.

The Internet bank is the main everyday tool for businesspeople and private individuals, and personal contacts with bank specialists do not disappear. We make use of the contents to ensure long-term partnerships, provide consultations, engage in negotiations and conclude transactions. 

INDUSTRA  is a bank for businesses, and we constantly listen to what businesspeople need for more convenient and effective work. That is why we established the Internet bank and are constantly improving it to support the needs and conveniences of businesspeople. The Internet bank is adapted for various online equipment, in various languages and with various links (SMS or code calculators). It can be easily used anywhere in the world and at any period of the day and night.

In parallel to valuable management of accounts and payments, the INDUSTRA  Internet bank offers various kinds of reports that are sent with an SMS. Payments can be imported to various bookkeeping programmes, account records can be exported, there are various options for personalising them, activating multi-level signatures, and ensuring quick contacts with bank specialists.  Above all, of course, we have ensured security.

To use the INDUSTRA  Internet bank, you must have an account and the bank and conclude an agreement on using the Internet bank.

A sample agreement

The INDUSTRA  Internet bank support telephone number: +371 6701 9393

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