Beware of fraudulent activities ! They have currently become active again and, claiming to be employees or associated persons of banks, call bank customers in an attempt to trick them into divulging data for access to the internet banking system or personal data.


The successful development of a business is the most important aspect of financial returns, but it is not possible to invest all of your profits in development.  

Sometimes the further development of a business is possible only after a certain period of time even if you have free resources right now.  

Every businessperson knows that money must ensure a return.  Companies and private individuals find a time when it is worthwhile to plan a diversified investment portfolio for the future that is balanced in terms of risk and potential returns.  Industra is your partner not just in developing your business, but also investing your free resources in the short and long term.  

Industra specialists will offer the best investment strategy for each situation, from the simplest deposits and pensions to complex global investment market instruments.  We understand that our clients have very different investment procedures, and we have equally different investment opportunities.

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