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European Central Bank Currency Rates

ECB currency exchange rates against EUR

Updated: 12.05.2021

Currency Currency Rate
USD US Dollar 1.2118
JPY Japanese Yen 131.82
CZK Czech Koruna 25.522
DKK Danish Krone 7.4360
GBP British Pound 0.85798
HUF Hungarian Forint 357.40
PLN Polish Zloty 4.5438
RON Romanian leu 4.9263
SEK Swedish Krona 10.1060
CHF Swiss Franc 1.0966
NOK Norwegian Kroner 10.0263
HRK Croatian kuna 7.5276
RUB Russian Rouble 89.8963
TRY Turkish lira 10.1120
AUD Australian Dollar 1.5526
CAD Canadian Dollar 1.4643
CNY Chinese yuan renminbi 7.8051
HKD Hong Kong dollar 9.4115
ILS Israel shekel 3.9732
NZD New Zealand dollar 1.6753
SGD Singapore dollar 1.6103
ZAR South African rand 16.9354

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