Beware of fraudulent activities ! They have currently become active again and, claiming to be employees or associated persons of banks, call bank customers in an attempt to trick them into divulging data for access to the internet banking system or personal data.


Main Corresponding Banks

In order to ensure that Industra customers may make payments worldwide and in a wide variety of currencies, we work in cooperation with other credit institutions. Our main correspondent banks are:

Currency Code* Bank Name, City, Country Account Number S.W.I.F.T. BIC
Minsk, Belarus
BY24BELB17027951790080226000 BELBBY2X
CNY Bank of China, Beijing Branch
Beijing, China
349364898260 BKCHCNBJ110
EUR Deutsche Bundesbank
Frankfurt, Germany
DE39504000005040040036 MARKDEFF
EUR Sberbank 
Moscow, Russia
30111978200000000078 SABRRUMM
EUR SEPA Reachability VIA EBA STEP2 - -
HKD Sberbank 
Moscow, Russia
30111344300000000078 SABRRUMM
JPY Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
Tokyo, Japan
4074010 MHCBJPJT
KZT Nurbank JSC
Almaty, Kazakhstan
KZ5684900KZ001712898 NURSKZKX
RUB Sberbank 
Moscow, Russia
30111810300000000078 SABRRUMM012

* For additional currencies please contact:

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