Loans for Business Growth

Lending is the main thing we do.

  • Loan for business growth starting from 100,000 to 4 million euros
  • Flexible repayment schedule
  • Initial evaluation within two working days
  • Individual solutions

No two companies are exactly alike. Just like no two people are exactly alike. Ideas, plans, opportunities, future potential, daily needs are all different.

Therefore, each loan case will be assessed by INDUSTRA specialists in accordance with specific needs. However, if we do not find a solution for your case, we will not waste your time and will tell you that right away.

INDUSTRA 's motto is to build true partnerships - mutually beneficial, equal and sustainable. In our opinion, it is the loan that is the best proof of a true partnership, since it requires serious investments and understanding from both parties.

Corporate lending is the most important activity of Industra

Every successful business creates value, but it needs a financial partner to grow and expand.

Our bank is designed to understand the specifics and needs of each industry - from food production, forestry and wood processing to agriculture and IT sector.

Together we will find the most suitable financing model for your company, so you can realize the full potential of your ideas.

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