INDUSTRA  is a bank for businesspeople in Latvia, the Baltic States and Europe.  This relates to manufacturers, service providers and developers of new ideas whether they are small or medium-sized.

INDUSTRA  was organised by businesspeople who have practical experience in creating and expanding the value of businesses.  For that reason, we understand that businesspeople really appreciate true partnerships.  Those who work in the everyday dynamics need a bank that does everything simply, quickly, contemporarily and transparently.  INDUSTRA is a bank which understands businesspeople.

The foundation forINDUSTRA is loans for growth and all of the services that are necessary for businesspeople every day.  We do nothing that is unnecessary.  We purposefully do the things that are really needed. INDUSTRA  is a modern bank that was established by changing the Meridian Trade Bank, which has operated in Latvia and the Baltic States for more than 25 years.

Industra Bank organizational structure approved on October 7, 2021

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