In force from 18.09.2023.

1.1. Opening and closing of a current account

No. Services Price list in EUR
1.1.1. Consideration of documents1 and opening of a current (multicurrency2) account3 50,00 EUR4
1.1.2. Maintaining a minimum balance in a current account5 50,00 EUR or corresponds to a 1-month commission for account maintenance, which is set for each client individually
1.1.3. Opening of a temporary account 50,00 EUR
1.1.4. Closing of a current (multicurrency) (incl. temporary) account upon Customer's request6 25,00 EUR
1.1.5. Obtaining information from the Commercial Register or any other register for customer compliance verification and account opening actual costs (min 5,00 EUR)

1.2. Current account maintenance

No. Services Price list in EUR
1.2.1. Maintenance of a current (incl.temporary) account4;5;7 10,00 EUR/ per month    
1.2.2. Obtaining information from another source that is necessary for checking the Customer's compliance or processing the correspondent bank's request for customer or account servicing. actual costs (min 5,00 EUR)
1.2.3. Maintenance of inactive8 account 100 EUR/ per month
1.2.4. Fee for storage of funds for the Customer with whom the Bank terminates cooperation. 200,00 EUR/ per month

1.3. Opening and maintenance of a Commercial Activity Income Account9;10

No. Services Price list in EUR


Consideration of documents and opening of a account

15,00 EUR


Maintenance of a account

5,00 EUR/ per month


Closing of a account

5,00 EUR


Transfers to the single tax account (automatic payment of tax, simplified tax payment solution)

free of charge

1.4. Account statements

No. Services Price list in EUR
1.4.1. Receiving an account statement in the Internet banking  free of charge
1.4.2. Issuance of an account statement in the Bank   
1.4.3. for a period of up to 12 months 0,50 EUR for copy (min. 5,00 EUR)
1.4.4. for a period of over 12 months 0,50 EUR for copy (min. 10,00 EUR)
1.4.5. Issuance of an account statement, upon customer's request, if the account is closed 1,00 EUR for copy (min. 20,00 EUR)

1.5. Enforcement actions provided for in the law

Nr.p.k. Services Price list in EUR
1.5.1. Acceptance of a bailiff's order or State Revenue Service's collection order for enforcement   50,00 EUR
1.5.2. Compulsory transfer of money pursuant to a bailliff's order or State Revenue Service's collection order, in accordance with the procedure set in regulatory enactments  according to the Money transfers price list in the Bank                 

1.6. Other tariffs related to the management of ML/TF/PF (money laundering, terrorism financing and proliferation financing) risk and sanctions risk

No. Service Price list in EUR
1.6.1. Penalty for failure to submit documents or information, as requested by the bank and required for the management of the customer's ML/TF/PF (money laundering, terrorism financing and proliferation financing) risk and sanctions risk, within the term or in the amount specified by the bank 50,00- 1000,00 EUR                                                                            
1.6.2. Fee for each case when the bank has to perform customer due diligence or enhanced customer due diligence11 25,00 - 1000,00 EUR
1.6.3. Fee for additional due diligence/ compliance check of the customer/ activity/ transaction / payment partner/ documents12 100,00 EUR/per hour

1 In case of refusal by the Bank to open an account, the fee for consideration of documents will not be paid back.
2 It is possible to handle funds in several currencies specified by the Bank.
3 The Bank has the right to charge an additional commission fee for opening an account in an accelerated order (opening an account in an accelerated order is possible within 2 business days after submitting the full set of documents to the Bank).
Individual tariffs for a current account opening and maintenance are applied for a legal entity whose main business activity/ partners are related to foreign countries and/or whose ownership structure is complex and/or whose ultimate beneficial owner /authorized person is a person from a foreign country/ is a politically exposed person or if there is, in the view of the Bank, any other indicator of an increased risk. 
Individual tariffs for current account opening and maintenance are applied to a non-profit organization or an insolvent legal entity. 
Funds in the amount of the minimum balance are blocked and are not available to the customer during the entire period of cooperation between the Bank and the Customer. The minimum balance is not applied to the CAI account, Economic activity performers and Temporary account.
The fee is also charged in cases where the cooperation with the client has been terminated and the balance has not been transferred to another credit institution within the specified period.
7 The account maintenance fee is charged on the last business day of the month for the current month. If the account is closed, the Bank shall deduct the above-mentioned commission fee for the current month on the date of closure of the account.
8 Inactive Current account is an account in which no incoming or outgoing non-cash payments or cash transactions are made within 6 months, and the operation of the account is not related to the performance of other operations in the bank. The temporary account has not been converted to a permanent account within 6 months.
9 For private individuals registered with the State Revenue Service as a performer of economic activity  in the micro-enterprise taxpayer regime and not registered as a value added tax payer and the turnover does not exceed EUR 40 000 per year.
10 All other tariffs are according to the Bank's price list for legal person customers - residents of Latvia.
11 The amount of the fee is unilaterally determined by the Bank, depending on the complexity and risk factors of the customer/ activity. Higher fees are charged for higher risks.
12 The amount of the fee for due diligence or the conduct of verification is unilaterally determined by the Bank according to actual time used.

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