In force from 12.05.2023.

8.1. Loans1;2

No. Services Price list in EUR
8.1.1. Loan application processing 0.5% of loan amount (min. 200,00EUR)
8.1.2. Arrangement of a loan agreement (incl. Loan increase) 1% of loan amount (min. 300,00EUR)
8.1.3. Change of payment date, change of repayment account or extension of the term of issuance of loan or submission of documents up to 1 month 0.3% of the remaining loan amount (min.100,00EUR)
8.1.4. Other changes at the customer's request 1% of the remaining loan amount (min.250,00EUR)
8.1.5. Resource reservation Free of charge
8.1.6. Ensuring the refinancing process, incl. in the case of the sale of the mortgaged property, if the transaction is financed by another creditor 2% of the remaining loan amount (min.500,00EUR)
8.1.7. Preparation of references, approvals or consents By agreement (min.70,00EUR)

8.2. Credit card limits3



Price list EUR


Monthly fee for servicing the card account

According to the Bank's Price list section - Current account maintenance


Base % rate per year



Fee for transfer (own funds)

According to the Bank's Price list section  - Transfers


Commission for the storage of funds in USD currency

500,00 USD per month


Monthly payments amount (includes fees for the use of credit funds during the reporting period)

5% of the spent credit limit amount + 100% of the overdraft (min. 10,00 EUR)


Deadline for monthly instalments

Until the last working day of the month following the reference month


Penalty for late payment of debt

Interest rate overdue (per year)



Closure of account

free of charge


Interest rate on unauthorized negative balance (per year)



Debt repayment agreement execution commission fee (loan restructuring)

2% of debt amount (min. 25,00 EUR)


Fee for consideration of application on debt repayment

25,00 EUR


Fee for reconsideration of the debt repayment agreement

12,00 EUR


1 If the commission fee for the provided service is not specified in the Bank's price list for services or the administrative costs of the provided service are higher than specified in the price list, the Bank determines an individual commission fee and agrees on it with the customer before providing the service.
2 Also applies to leasing services.
3 Commission fees are applied to credit card limit agreements taken over by Privatbank.

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