Beware of fraudulent activities ! They have currently become active again and, claiming to be employees or associated persons of banks, call bank customers in an attempt to trick them into divulging data for access to the internet banking system or personal data.


5. Account management, Internet transactions and SMS alert

In force from 07.09.2021.

5.1. Remote user system MultiNet

No. Services Price list in EUR
5.1.1. Installation free of charge
5.1.2. Subscription free of charge
5.1.3. Connecting to the SMS authorization service1 free of charge
5.1.4. Issuance of a DigiPass DP260 code calculator 25,00 EUR
5.1.5. Replacing a DigiPass DP260 code calculator 20,00 EUR
5.1.6. Re-issuance of a user login and password 7,00 EUR
5.1.7. Unblocking the user password and/or DIGIPASS code calculator  10,00 EUR

5.2. SMS - alerts

No. Services Price list in EUR
5.2.1. Connecting to the "SMS - alert" service  free of charge
5.2.2. Subscription free of charge
5.2.3. The cost of one SMS2 0,10 EUR for each SMS

SMS authorization limits: maximum amount per payment - 15000,00 EUR, maximum amount per day - 60000,00 EUR.
2 Fee for received sms is deducted from the account automatically, once a month - for all sms sent during the preceding month.

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