3. Preparation Of Documents And Certificates

In force from 18.09.2023.

3.1. Issuance of confirmation of execution of a payment order in the Bank

No. Services Price list in EUR
3.1.1. Issuance of a confirmed duplicate copy of payment document 5,00 EUR
3.1.2. Search the order of payment in the archive and copy confirmation 15,00 EUR
3.1.3. Issuance of a SWIFT copy of an executed payment, upon Customer`s request 10,00 EUR / for copy

3.2. Preparation and issue of letters of reference1;2

No. Services Price list in EUR
3.2.1. Information about the availability of an account in the bank and its balance 10,00 EUR
3.2.2. Another type of inquiry on request by agreement (min.15,00 EUR)
3.2.3. Issuance of a reference after termination of business relationship with the Customer 30,00 EUR
3.2.4. Providing comprehensive information about the Customer to the audit by agreement (min. 40,00 EUR)

3.3. Amendments in the database

No. Services Price list in EUR
3.3.1. Re-execution of a specimen signature card  10,00 EUR3
3.3.2. Execution of a power of attorney in the Bank 20,00 EUR
3.3.3. Registration of notarized power of attorney4 20,00 EUR
3.3.4. Verification of a notarial power of attorney before performing a separate transaction (without registration of a power of attorney) 15,00 EUR
3.3.5. Consideration of inheritance documents (for each heir) 15,00 EUR

3.4. Other expenses related to the preparation of documents and references

No. Services Price list in EUR
3.4.1. Sending of correspondence by courier 30,00 EUR + actual costs
3.4.2. Sending of registered letter 10,00 EUR + actual costs
3.4.3. Additional commission fee for preparation of documents or statements in English or Russian actual costs (min. 20,00 EUR)
3.4.4. Additional commission fee for notarization of documents or statements actual costs (min. 100,00 EUR)

1  The commission fee for a statement, the content and type of which correspond to several points mentioned in the Price List, is determined as the total amount of the respective points in the Price List.
2  The Bank has the right to charge an additional fee for receiving an expedited statement and receiving an expedited statement only at the Head Office of AS "Industra Bank".
3  When a power of attorney needs to be executed - free of charge
4  The commission fee is applied in all cases when a trustee wishes to act on behalf of the Client on the basis of the authorization.

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