In force from 18.09.2023.

9.1. Ordinary deposit

9.1.1. Ordinary deposit (interest of the deposit will be paid at the end of term)1

Term Interest rates
3months 3.00%
6months 3.50%
1 year 4.00%

2 years

3 years 4.10%
4 years 4.15%
5 years 4.20%

9.2. Subordinated deposit

No. Type of Deposit Interest rates, Term
9.2.1. Subordinated deposit2 by agreement

9.3. Early termination of the agreement3

No. Service Interest rates
9.3.1. Early termination of the deposit agreement without prior notice 30 calendar days 0.75% of the deposit amount
9.3.2. Early termination of the deposit agreement, concluded from 01.07.2022., notifying the bank at least 30 calendar days in advance 0.50% of the deposit amount

Minimal deposit amount for receiving interest: for individuals - 3000 EUR, for legal entities - 3000 EUR.
Minimal deposit amount for receiving interest 50 000 EUR.
If the deposit is closed before maturity, then the depositor will not be paid the calculated interest, plus any interest paid earlier will be withheld. The withholdings will be made from the deposit amount before payout.

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