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8.1. The design and maintenance of loans operations1

No. Services Price list in EUR
8.1.1. Loan application up to 1,5% from loan amount 
8.1.2. Arrangement of a loan agreement  up to 1,5% from loan amount 
8.1.3. Amendment of the credit conditions, except mentioned in 8.1.4., 8.1.5., 8.1.6., 8.1.7., 8.1.8.  up to 0,3% from loan amount                 (min. 50,00 EUR)
8.1.4. Prolongation of the loan agreement up to 0,5% from unpaid loan amount (min. 50,00 EUR)
8.1.5. Amendments in the loan pay-off schedule   up to 0,5% from unpaid loan amount (min. 50,00 EUR)
8.1.6. Amendments in the collateral  up to 140,00 EUR
8.1.7. Amendments of interest rate difference of interest rate's monthly payment
8.1.8. Arrangement of substandard documents  50,00 EUR / per hour (min. 50,00 EUR, max. 200,00 EUR) 
8.1.9. Interest for loan utilization or overdraft  upon agreement with the Customer 
8.1.10. Interest for unused part of the loan line   free of charge
8.1.11. Interest for none-withdrawal part of the loan free of charge
8.1.12. Fee for service credit account free of charge
8.1.13. Arrangement of the refinance agreement   up to 5% of loan amount to be refinanced (min. 20,00 EUR)
8.1.14. Consultations on questions not connected with Bank lending operations 70,00 EUR / per hour
8.1.15. Issuance of references or certifications up to 100,00 EUR

1 The Bank reserves the right to set up some more commissions if additional technical, time or human resources are necessary to carry out the Client's contract or order

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