5. Account Management, Internet Transactions And SMS Alert

In force from 01.12.2022.

5.1. Internet Banking

Nr.p.k. Pakalpojuma veids Izcenojumi EUR
5.1.1. Installation free of charge
5.1.2. License fee free of charge
5.1.3. Providing code calculator DIGIPASS DP260 65,00 EUR
5.1.4. Replacement of code calculator DIGIPASS DP260 50,00 EUR
5.1.5. Reissue of user login and password 10,00 EUR
5.1.6. User's password and/or code calculator DIGIPASS DP260 unlocking 10,00 EUR

5.2. SMS alert

No. Services Price list in EUR
5.2.1. Connecting to the SMS alert free of charge
5.2.2. License fee free of charge
5.2.3. The cost of one SMS1 0,20 EUR for each SMS

1 Fee for received SMS is withheld automatically once a day for all sent SMS of the previous day.    

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