Taking care of our own and other people's health, we urge our clients to use the bank’s services remotely

Internet Banking Security

Safety of work with DIGIPASS the device


DIGIPASS DP 260 is password-protected customer personal identification device which enables digital signing of documents for remote banking services. DIGIPASS represents an electronic device, which generates unique test-key (substitution to Customer identification based on signature and stamp).Access to all functional capabilities of DIGIPASS DP 260 is provided after entering of 5 - digit PIN-code. At handing over of DIGIPASS device, the Bank provides the customer with initial PIN – code, which must be changed to customer personal PIN – code by the customer him/herself. The identification and signing codes generated by the device, are unpredictable, non- reproducible, time – dependant and unique device - based codes. The value of the code, after its control at the Bank is not subject to repeated use. 
A/S „Industra Bank” reminds that the DIGIPASS should be stored in rovide safety of your DIGIPASS device and do not allow anybody to have access to your PIN-code. It is forbidden to disassemble DIGIPASS device on physical damage, the device will switch – off and will be useless. In cases of week battery, you will not be able to manage your account in Internet Banking system MultiNet, if no alternative means of authentication (for instance code card) are at your disposal. 
If you have lost your DIGIPASS or it has been stolen, inform the Bank immediately. In order to receive new DIPIASS device, you have to visit the Bank or its representative offices. A/S „Industra Bank” convincingly insists, that you changed the PIN on the device not less often than an once in two months. 

Change of the PIN-code

How to do it? 

  1. When on the device screen appears APPLI_, Press a key and hold its pressed before The moment when on the screen will appear _ _ _ _ _ NEW PIN. 
  2. Enter a new PIN-code, and after inscription occurrence _ _ _ _ _ PIN CONF enter it repeatedly for podtverzh -дения. After successful replacement of a PIN-code by the  screen Devices there will be an inscription _ _ _ _ _ NEW PIN CONF. 

Solutions for the protection of your computer 

JSC “Industra Bank” recommends using the additional security measures. In the work with Multinet system (www.multinetbank.lv) we propose to observe the following recommendations: 

  1. When finishing the work in Multinet system (www.multinetbank.lv), always clock the button “Exit”. 
  2. In order to achieve the maximal security level in work with Multinet (www.multinetbank.lv), verify and in case of necessity change the browser parameters; Do not save password, user code or any other information in no case. 
  3. Very often the reason, why the unauthorized person has the access to your computer is insufficient password security. To avoid it you should: 
    • Use the word combinations, special symbols, etc., which is known only to you, for the password, for example, numerals, symbols and capital letters. The password in no way can be the name, surname of the user, name of his/ her children, relatives or pets, car registration number, etc.; 
    • Choose the password, which consists of not less than 8 symbols; 
    • Regularly change your password (not rarer than once in two months); 
    • Do not write the passwords on the note papers and do not leave them in available places; 
    • Do not trust the passwords of your computer, internet bank and other passwords to anyone; 
    • If you have suspicion about the access of unauthorized persons to your passwords or code cards, immediately inform it via phone (+ 371 67019341). 
  4. For your computer security use the following programmes: Firewall, Spyware and Antivirus

Firewall – it is the programme, which provides the security barrier between your computer and virtual world. Hackers use the programmes, which are specially equipped for internet scanning and search of unprotected computers. Such programmes send a small amount of the information to the computer and in case if there is no firewall programme installed, it automatically responds to such type of notice (message), which respectively gives the possibility to force the system. Firewall programme recognizes such cases and do not respond to them, so hackers cannot get to know that your computer is connected to the network at all. 

Some of Firewall programmes: 

  • Network ICE BlackICE Defender 
  • Zone Labs ZoneAlarm и ZoneAlarm Pro 
  • Symantec Norton Internet Security, Norton Personal Firewall etc. 

Spyware – a programme, which protects against the spywares, undesirable advertisements, “Trojan horses”, keyboard spies, personal data stealing, spy threats, fraudulent programs, undesirable software, “fishing”, popups and undesirable home pages. 
Some spyware programs: 

  • Spyware Doctor 6 for Windows 
  • Anti-Spyware 

Antivirus programs

Antivirus – the program, which recognizes and removes the computer viruses. In order to fight with the computer viruses, there are developed very many special antivirus programs, so called program scanners. 

The principle of antivirus scanner actions is to find the infected files, while scanning the hard disk and removable data carriers (USB flash). Antivirus can find only those viruses, which are known to him and, if after scanning the antivirus has not fixed anything, it does not mean, that the viruses are missing. It is advisable to renew antivirus data basis as often as possible. 

Most common antivirus programs:

  • AVG Internet Security 
  • Dr Solomon's Anti-Virus Toolkit 
  • F-Prot Professional 
  • IBM AntiVirus 
  • McAfee VirusScan 
  • Norton AntiVirus 
  • ThunderByte Anti-Virus Utilities 
  • TouchStone PC 
  • Cillin 
  • Kaspersky etc. 

Useful web sites: 

  • Kaspersky Lab - www.antivirus.lv 
  • Symantec - www.symantec.com 
  • VeriSign - www.verisign.com 
  • ZoneAlarm Pro - www.zonelabs.com McAfee - www.mcafee.com www.networkassociates.com 
  • WatchGuard - www.watchguard.com 
  • PC World Communications - www.pcworld.com/downloads

For fight against the spying programmes:

  • spychecker.com
  • www.pcworld.com/downloads

Against the keyboard recorders:

  • www.anti-keyloggers.com etc. 

Practical recommendations 

Computer security

Control the computer program, used for the performance of electronic services on regular basis: 

  • Follow up, who uses your computer, 
  • Use the screensaver with password during your absence, 
  • Use several computer information protection means – access passwords, newest internet protection tools and regularly renew the browsers, regularly renew antivirus programs. 

Security solutions offered by the bank

  • Use the day limits – if they are exceeded there must be performed the additional authorization (notice to the bank, it is advisable to the users to use also the double authorization of the transaction). 
  • Use the identification means of the higher security level – code calculators, where the generated codes are valid for certain term and are not repeated. 
  • Use the possibility offered by the bank to recall the client, if the payment sum exceeds the stated limit. 

Control the finance movement on the accounts 

  • Control your balance of the account and the information about the transactions in the bank on regular basis. 
  • Use the possibility to receive the message (SMS) about the performed transactions by help of mobile bank. 

In case of suspicions contact your bank obligatory 

  • If you have any doubts about any of the transactions, letter, e-mails, calls, contact the bank obligatory and make sure about their correctness (Phone: +371 67019341) 
  • Remember, the bank will never request the requisites of the client, which are required for the usage of the electronic services. 

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