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8.1. Processing of the loan and amendments

No. Services Price list in EUR
8.1.1. Consideration of the loan and customer application up to 0,8% from the amount, min. 200,00 EUR
8.1.2. Arrangement of the loan agreement (including the provision of an additional limit) 1% from loan amount (min. 200,00EUR)
8.1.3. Arrangement of the loan transaction documents in Russian and English language 50,00 EUR per document
8.1.4. Prolongation of the loan agreement 0,5% from unpaid loan amount (min 200,00 EUR). Regular prolongation 200,00 EUR for each time
8.1.5. Amendments in the loan pay-off schedule 0,5% from loan amount (min. 200,00 EUR)
8.1.6. Amendments in the collateral 150 EUR for each collateral subject, which is amended
8.1.7. Amendments of interest rate 0,5% from unpaid loan amount (min 200,00 EUR)
8.1.8. Amendments of otther loan terms up to 0,3% of the outstanding amount of the loan
8.1.9. Arrangement of nonstandard documents 50,00 EUR / per hour (min. 50,00 EUR, max. 200,00 EUR)
8.1.10. Interest rate for loan or overdraft usage According to the decision of Credit committee
8.1.11. Interest rate for unused part of the loan line 0,50%
8.1.12. Interest rate for none-withdrawal part of the loan 0,50%
8.1.13. Arrangement of the refinance agreement, incl. the sale of the pledged property up to 1% from the amount of refinanceable loan (min 500,00 EUR)
8.1.14. Document circulation within refinancing, in accordance with the Agreement on cooperation of credit institutions in the case of standard refinancing, concluded with Finance Latvia Association (formerly ALCB) 50,00 EUR
8.1.15. Preparation of certificates, consent and other documents 70,00 EUR for each document
8.1.16. Commission fee for registration or deletion of pledge 50,00 EUR
8.1.17. Early repayment of the loan free of charge, except for special cases specified in the contract.

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