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Internet Banking Security

Solution Proposals to Protect Your Computer

Below you will find recommendations to maximise the safety of your Internet banking.  

  1. When connecting to the internet bank, make sure that you are connected to the “Industra Bank” legitimate website ( Make sure that there is HTTPS data encryption protocol and the trusted digital certificate, issued to the Bank by the external certification authority Sectigo (USERTrust).  
  2. To fully ensure your confidentiality when working with the internet bank, please ensure, and, if necessary, change the configuration options of your Internet browser, in order that your password and user code in internet bank and other information that is required for identification, is not saved on your computer.  
  3. Do not use the internet bank on a computer where security is in doubt (public libraries, Internet-cafes). Other people’s computers may contain harmful software, through which your passwords and identification codes for the internet bank can be found out.  
  4. Never reply to emails requesting information about your accounts or information necessary for identification in the internet bank (client’s ID, passwords). The bank will never ask you to send such information via email!  
  5. Protect access to your computer with a password. It is also preferable to use a password protected screen saver, which will prevent an unauthorised person from accessing and using your computer. Never leave your computer unattended when working in the internet bank (  
  6. After finishing your work in the internet bank, always press the “Exit” button to correctly end your working session and exclude the possibility of an unauthorised person gaining access after you.  
  7. Ensure your password is safe! Improper password security can greatly increase the risk of unauthorised access by other people. To achieve security of your passwords, you must follow these requirements:  
    • For a password, use an expression known only to you and create a password containing both upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters;  
    • Never create a password containing your name, surname, child’s, relative’s or pet’s names, your car registration number, personal code or any other easily guessed symbol combination;  
    • Change your password regularly (at least once every two months);  
    • Never write down your passwords on paper, notes or other documents, and do not leave them in openly accessible areas;  
    • Do not share your computer, internet bank or any other passwords with anyone else;  
    • If you suspect unauthorised access to your passwords for the internet bank, report it immediately by calling +371 67019341;  
  8. For additional protection of your computer use antivirus and firewall software:  
    • Antivirus software will protect your computer from harmful software (computer viruses, spyware, trojans, unnecessary advertisement software, etc.). When choosing antivirus software, make sure that it can scan the memory (RAM) of your computer, external and flash media (flash cards, CD, DVD, etc), and all the information that is sent to your computer from other computer networks (emails, websites, file sharing, etc.). Make sure that your antivirus is up to date and receives regular updates from the software manufacturer.  
    • A firewall will ensure additional protection from Internet threats. This software will allow the creation of the necessary connections to exchange data between your computer and the Internet. All other connections and attempts of file sharing will be blocked unless unauthorised by you. A firewall significantly reduces the ability of Internet hackers to find security weaknesses in your computer should anyone attempt to access your computer and the available personal information on it.  
  9. In order to protect your operating system and computer applications, please ensure that all important updates from the software manufacturer and security ‘patches’ are promptly installed on your system.  

Additional security measures offered by the bank 

  1. Use daily limits, beyond which it is necessary to perform additional authorisation (message to the Bank; users are additionally recommended to use double authorisation of transactions).  
  2. Use a device with the highest degree of identification security - a code calculator that generates a unique one-time code, valid only for a certain period of time.  
  3. Use the option, offered by the Bank, to call the client should the payment amount exceed a certain limit.  

Control your financial operations in your bank accounts  

  1. Check your account balance regularly and the information on previous transactions.  
  2. Use the option to receive a short message – (‘SMS notice’ service).  

In case of any suspicions do not hesitate to contact the Bank  

If you are suspicious about any transaction, letter, email or call, do not hesitate to contact the Bank to verify if they are genuine (phone: +371 67019341).  

Remember that the Bank will never ask a client to give their details necessary for using digital services. 

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