A bank that understands entrepreneurs

The focus for INDUSTRA is on loans for small and medium enterprises.

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Industrial environment painting by andris vītoliņš on Industra’s website

Industra focuses on serving small and medium-sized enterprises. Industra is the bank for business practitioners.

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Accept payments even on the beach

POS-terminal of Industra Bank is a convenient solution for the modern world that will allow you to accept card payments regardless of location - in shops, markets, festivals, even on the beach. Stationary POS. Mobile POS. In-built POS. Cash register systems.

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Industra experience

INDUSTRA , in support of the local comapny, has granted a loan of 1.5 million euros to the Ozolnieki-based manufacturer of large glued laminated wooden structures.

INDUSTRA grants a loan of 1.5 million euros for development of the manufacturer IKTK

An interview with the Chairman of the INDUSTRA BANK's Board of Directors, Jurijs Adamovičs

INDUSTRA will be different because of agility and pragmatism

The Bank was pleased when Latvian Artist Andris Vītoliņš kindly agreed to lend a number of his industrial environments works for visual language of the Bank enabling to present values of the Bank via expression of the Artist.

To control and develop the energy of industry — Paintings of Andris Vītoliņš in Visual Language of Industra Bank

Industra news

Amendments in the Bank’s price lists

On December 10, 2021 and February 1, 2022 changes in the price lists for the bank’s services and products for private individuals and legal entities will come into effect.

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