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Payment cards

Industra International Payment Cards – is convenient and safe alternative to cash, simplified way of payment and control of company’s expenses, reservations, secure internet payments, worldwide payments and many other benefits.


Choose the most appropriate Payment Card for personal use from the most popular international payment systems MasterCard.  

Payment card receiving

 You must have the card account with the  Industra  


The Bank offers the following payment cards for private persons:



There is an additional authorization tool in Industra for safer online purchases with Mastercard payments cards.


When shopping at online merchants that participate in the Verified by MasterCard®SecureCode™ programs, customers will be asked to confirm every payment by using their online banking authorization tools, i.e., by entering their MultiNet login, password and a code from their code card or code calculator, or SMS code, if they are connected to the SMS authorization service. For payments at online stores and merchants that are not participants of Verified by MasterCard®SecureCode™ programs, no additional payment confirmation will be requested. If several payment cards are linked to one account and used by other persons then, to make purchases online, each card holder should have his/her own authorization tool - code card, code calculator or SMS authorization.


Use the Payment Card in everyday life, on business trips or for travelling and get discounts from Industra partners!


To cancel your bank card please call: +371 67092555


Price list for individuals - residents of Latvia

Price list for individuals - non-residents of Latvia

Questions and answers



PDF Application for opening payment card account and receipt of the payment card

PDF Application for an additional cardholder

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