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UNIstream money transfer system


UNIstream is the international money transfer system for natural persons without the opening of the bank account. This system allows Customers to transfer up to 7 200 EUR/USD to more than 300 000 service points located around the world.


UNIstream money transfer system advantages:


  • absolute reliability and speed of delivery to the addressee
  • the cost of transaction -  from 1.5% of the amount
  • convenience - simple registration; you only need to have an identification document and do not need to open an account


How to send a transfer within the UNIstream system


  • visit any Customer Service Center of the AS "Meridian Trade Bank" in Latvia
  • fill in an application for transfer
  • show your Passport to the operator
  • pay the transfer amount and commission
  • receive a money transfer control number from the operator
  • notify the recipient about the transfer, transfer control number and the service point where the transfer will be received


How to receive a money transfer within the UNIstream system:


  • visit the Customer Service Center specified by the sender
  • fill in the application form to receive the transfer, and specify: money transfer control number, transfer amount and currency, name and surname of the sender, and your passport data
  • show your Passport to the operator
  • receive the money transfer at the cash department


Places of UNIstream money transfer


PDF АНКЕТА КЛИЕНТА ЮРИДИЧЕСКОГО ЛИЦА Application for transfer sending

PDF АНКЕТА КЛИЕНТА ЮРИДИЧЕСКОГО ЛИЦА Application for transfer receiving

PDF АНКЕТА КЛИЕНТА ЮРИДИЧЕСКОГО ЛИЦА Application for transfer cancellation

PDF АНКЕТА КЛИЕНТА ЮРИДИЧЕСКОГО ЛИЦА The letter of changing beneficiary's requisites



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