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Savings account for individuals - residents of Latvia

Savings account is designed for for individuals - residents of Latvia who have opened an account at Industra. Cash can be placed in euro (EUR) for an indefinite period, with unlimited refill.


Bank calculates interest income for the Client’s deposited  amount on the Savings Account in accordance with Price list. The interest rate may change.


If necessary, it is possible to transfer or withdraw all or part of the amount of money from a savings account without penalty fee, previously (7 days) notifying Industra. 


From 1 January 2010, the amended Law on Personal Income Tax imposes a tax on income earned by individuals from capital. In accordance with the law the profit derived from all deposit types is subject to the tax at the rate of twenty percent. The tax will be cashed from the gained profit interest instead of the whole deposit amount.


Savings of private persons and legal entities in any currency are guaranteed by the Latvian State in an amount of up to EUR 100 000.


Deposits guarantee law 

Deposits rates for individuals - residents of Latvia


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PDFАНКЕТА КЛИЕНТА ЮРИДИЧЕСКОГО ЛИЦА Application for opening of savings account

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