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1. How to block a payment card?


If the Customer has lost a payment card or it was stolen or Customer's PIN code has become known to a third party, then the Customer must contact the Bank in order to promptly block the payment card. 24-hour payment card support service phone - +371 67092555. After asking you the owner's first and last name and password, an employee of the Bank or specialist of the 24-hour Center shall block the card. Within 7 days, the Customer needs to submit an application to the Bank about card blocking and issuance of a new one.


It should be remembered that the responsibility for transactions made by means of a lost card belongs to this card's owner; therefore, it is in the interests of the Customer to block the card as soon as possible if it was lost.


2. How to get a payment card?


Payment card can be acquired by both natural and legal persons by filling the application for issuance of a payment card.


3. Where can I get the information about tariffs for payment cards issued by Industra"?


Tariffs for bank cards are posted on the Bank's website, as well as in all the branches and representative offices of the Bank.


Price list for individuals - residents of Latvia

Price list for legal entities - residents of Latvia

Price list for individuals - non-residents of Latvia

Price list for legal entities - non-residents of Latvia


4. Is there a limit on cash withdrawal from payment cards?


Yes, the Industra has specified the following maximum daily limits on cash withdrawals and purchases (according to the currency of the card account):


Cash withdrawals at the banking machines:


1 500,00 EUR / 1 800,00 USD - for Maestro

2 000,00 EUR / 2 500,00 USD - for MasterCard Standard, MasterCard Business

2 800,00 EUR / 3 500,00 USD - for MasterCard Gold


1 500,00 EUR / 1 800,00 USD - for Visa Electron

2 000,00 EUR / 2 500,00 USD - for Visa Classic

3 000,00 EUR / 3 700,00 USD - for Visa Platinum


Daily limits on purchases and services with payment cards:


2 500,00 EUR / 3 500,00 USD - for Maestro

4 000,00 EUR / 5 000,00 USD - for MasterCard Standard, MasterCard Business

7 000,00 EUR / 9 000,00 USD - for MasterCard Gold


2 400,00 EUR / 3 000,00 USD - for Visa Electron

4 000,00 EUR / 5 000,00 USD - for Visa Classic

25 000,00 EUR / 31 250,00 USD - for Visa Platinum


5. Can I use the EUR card abroad?


Payment cards given by the Bank are international, regardless of card's currency. Therefore, while abroad the Customer uses its EUR card and pays for purchases or withdrawing cash in the currency of the country where the Customer is located.

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