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SMS alert

The "SMS-alert" service is a convenient and easy-to-use Bank service, allowing to receive information on the Customer's bank accounts balance.


By using this service the Customer can receive SMS notifications on mobile phone in case of account balance change, for example, upon depositing of the salary, pension or scholarships, as well as upon any transfers occurred, including transfers involving payment cards. SMS notification also provides an operative reception of wide range of important information from AS "Meridian Trade Bank".


Information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!


For the convenience of the Customer a minimal amount of the account balance changes for SMS alerts sending and SMS alerts receiving time based on Customer's schedule can be set.


To activate the "SMS-alert" service the Customer must fulfill the following conditions:


  • Have a mobile phone with the ability to receive SMS
  • Sign an agreement about SMS alerts reception. The agreement can be settled through the MultiNet Internet Bank, under "Setup - "SMS-alert" service configuration", or visit the nearest Customer Service Center (Instructions about the "SMS-alert" service configuration PDFАНКЕТА КЛИЕНТА ЮРИДИЧЕСКОГО ЛИЦА)


The "SMS-alert" service provides:


  • account status online control, up-to-date information on the cash flow on the account, and account balance
  • instant notification about any case of the payment card use, thereby ensuring timely control over the use of bank cards, which is an effective way to counter unauthorized access to funds on Customer's card account
  • simplicity and convenient use of this service
  • availability of this service, owing to the low cost of SMS-alerts




If the Customer has received the SMS-alert about the Bank operation with the card that the Customer did not perform, then the Customer must immediately contact the Bank and block the payment card using the contact numbers: +371 67019393, 67092555.



Price list

The rules of using the "SMS-alert" service

Instructions about the "SMS-alert" service configuration

Application for the "SMS-alert" service activation

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