Regular payment of electronic invoices


Industra offers you a convenient opportunity to save time and money by choosing the automatic payment of bills (Regular payment of electronic invoices) right from your account.


In accordance with the concluded Regular payment of electronic invoices Agreement, the Bank shall automatically pay bills from various enterprises for services rendered right from your account - bills for cable TV, Internet, utilities, sports club, press subscription, etc. 


For a general list of companies whose services can be paid automatically, please click here.




  • you no longer have to worry about the timely payment of monthly bills;
  • lower rates, compared to cash payments;
  • time saving - you will spend your time only on the conclusion of the Regular payment of electronic invoices Agreement;
  • timely payments - delay of payment is possible only with your permission;
  • security and accuracy of cashless payment;
  • number of Companies whose bills can be paid via automatic payments is constantly increasing;
  • you can always see the information about bill payments in your account statement;
  • you'll have a complete control over the bill payments and you may suspend the Agreement if necessary.


The service is available for residents of Latvia - for natural persons and legal entities, and for non-residents of Latvia - natural persons, who have a residence permit in the Republic of Latvia.


How does it work?


You need to have an account with Industra and sign an agreement (PDF) or several agreements on Regular payment of electronic invoices.


Upon the maturity of payment, the Bank will transfer the necessary amount from your account to the Company specified in the Agreement. Your only concern will be to provide enough funds in your bank account on the day of the payment to pay the bills and commission.


In the Agreement, you need to specify the regular payment limit - the maximum amount that the Bank shall be allowed to transfer from your account to the Company.


If your account does not have enough money to pay the bill and commission, then attempts to pay will be repeated until the last date of bill payment (inclusive). If the Company, which bills you pay automatically allows partial bill payment, then all available balance in EUR will be debited from your account upon the last attempt. If the partial bill payment is not allowed, then attempts to automatically pay the bill will be terminated. Bank shall debit the commission from the payer's account along with the payment in accordance with the Bank tariffs. You can always see the information on the bill payment in the account statement (in paper form) or at any time in the Internet Bank MultiNet


Regular payment of electronic invoices Agreement can be signed both for fixed an indefinite period of time.


Making an Agreement


In order to conclude an Agreement for Regular payment of electronic invoices services enabling you will need to provide the Bank with an identity documents, as well as bill or contract with the Company you want to sign the Direct Debit Agreement with. It is possible to make several payment agreements for bills from different service providers.

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