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"Gold" account

During development of the world economy, gold has always been associated with sustained value, a symbol of stability and wealth. Being a tangible financial asset, gold is a long-term investment, which has the characteristic of saving the value and the purchasing power of capital with low risk.


The important factor of gold investment attractiveness is that unlike currencies, it is not tied to any country.


 AS "Meridian Trade Bank" Customers have an additional option to diversify assets, creating their own unique ‘gold and foreign currencies reserves', and for that reason the Bank is offering the ability to work with non-cash gold.


The non-cash gold account allows the Customer to perform prompt purchase and sale of the precious metal at the current bank rate.


Benefits of the "Gold" account:


  • simplicity and efficiency of gold transactions
  • no costs and no risks for transportation and examination of metals
  • secure and convenient storage
  • no storage costs
  • risk sharing between different types of investments
  • possibility of performing beneficial speculative operations with gold
  • sound liquidity - possibility of instant gold conversion into any currency
  • implementation of intra-bank payments in gold without additional conversion
  • Latvian Deposit Guarantee Law is fully applicable to non-cash gold accounts, as well as on account balances in any other currency



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