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Regular payments

Regular payment is an automatic transfer that is carried out in accordance with the Customer's one-time order for an automatic payment, in which the payment parameters are specified. You only need to fill an application.


"Regular payment" features:


  • the execution of one-time payment on a specific date. For example, the Customer has the possibility to issue payment before going on vacation, which will be executed on a specific date in the future
  • the execution of a permanent regular payment on a specific day of each month, quarter, etc. For example, monthly Customer's payments for the Internet services, utility charges, rent and lease payments
  • maintaining of a certain maximum balance, when surplus of funds shall be transferred to another account. For example, the automatic transfer of funds surplus from the current account to the savings account
  • maintaining of a certain minimum balance, transferring funds from another account of the Customer. For example, the automatic replenishment of the card account from the current account


Additional information can be obtained by phone +371 67019393


By using the "Regular Payment" service the Customer saves not only its time but also money!


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