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Subordinated loan to the Bank


Industra offers its customers the opportunity to invest free funds in subordinated loan. Subordinated loan - is a long-term investment, which includes participation in the capital of the Bank.

 Interest rates on subordinated loan is much higher in comparison with the classic deposits, as there are special terms for such investment and the customer bears more significant risks than in case of ordinary deposit.




  • Deposit currency - EUR
  • Minimum deposit amount - 100 000 EUR
  • Term of deposit - 5 and 7 years
  • Interest payment - annually
  • The Lender can not withdraw the funds before the end of the contract period
  • In accordance with the regulations of the Republic of Latvia the subordinated deposit is not under the Government Guarantees.




  • More favorable interest rates compared with the classic deposits
  • It provides the possibility for non-residents to get a residence permit in the Republic of Latvia under the condition that the loan exceeds EUR 280,000 and is given for a period not less than 5 years.


Deposits rates:



  Payment of interest   

  5 years 

  7 years 








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