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Interest rate can be fixed or variable and bound to EURIBOR or LIBOR indexes depending on the currency of the credit transaction. The Customer must pay the one-time commission fee for provision of financing. The size of the commission and the interest rates are determined by the Credit Committee according to the price list of the Bank.


For the unused credit amounts and for the reservation of resources within the credit line the interest rates are not charged. Commission fees for credit account servicing and administration of credit file are also not charged.


There are charges for credit processing that Customer does not pay to the Bank directly: expenses for collateral appraisal, notary services (mainly for mortgage credits and commercial mortgages), and duties and insurance premiums specified by the law.




  • Charter including revisions and amendments
  • registration, registration certificate of the taxpayer and VAT payer, samples of signatures, documents confirming the signatory rights of company's officers
  • Passport copies of company's officers (copying is performed by a bank employee)
  • business plan or plan of utilization and repayment of the credit
  • anticipated cash flow for the whole duration of the credit use period (sample in the bank)
  • latest annual financial report, confirmed by the State Revenue Service
  • opinion of the auditor or financial inspector about the last annual report
  • quarterly or monthly balance for the current period, the calculation of the profits or losses; breakdown of important articles and a list of fixed assets
  • certificate from the State Social Insurance Service of statutory tax contributions


If necessary, additional documents are submitted, for example: contracts, licenses, budget estimates, etc.


More detailed information can be obtained from the Department of Investment and Credit, call: +371 67019175, +371 67019176, +371 67019177.

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