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Real Estate

Real Estate

Office/Industrial Warehouse Complex at Brīvības Gatve (In Berģi)


Brīvības gatve 338/441, Riga

Cadastre No.


Cadastre No.

0100-128-2043; 0100-628-0060

Land plot area

9177 m2

Floor area of building

3570.2 m2


€ 1 250 000


The property is located in Bergi, at Brīvības gatve (98m border with Brīvības gatve, an exit road from Brīvības gatve), opposite the Ethnographic Open-Air Museum. According to the city development plan, the property is located in the centre of Mixed development area (JC1-JC8). There are all necessary utilities. The property has been partially leased out.


  • two-storey office building (built in 1973, renovated in 2004) - 1752.2 m2 (office area 1029.1 m2; warehouse area 498.3 m2);
  • garage and office building (built in 1973, renovated in 2004) - 771.5 m2 (office area 343.4 m2; garage/service area 400.52 m2);
  • garage and office building (built in 1973) - 283.9 m2;
  • residential building with workshops (built in 1890) - 762.6 m2


  • electricity;
  • cold water;
  • sewerage;


+371 2949 9957

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