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Real Estate

Real Estate

House in ‘Vācu Kalni’ village


30E Bremenes Street, Piklane, Salaspils district

Kadastra nr.


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€ 54 000


3-room (2-bedroom) one-storey timber frame/ wooden panel residential house in good condition. There are all necessary utilities, heating is provided by a heating stove and infrared inertia heating elements with adjustable temperature modes.


‘Vācu kalni’ village

Only 15 km from Riga there is the elite closed type village of ‘Vācu kalni’. The village made up of private houses is situated at the bend of River Jugla. Its territory of 15,5 ha covers the entire peninsula and provides both privacy and proximity to nature.

Fresh air, picturesque landscape, closeness to a forest and water make this place uniquely romantic. The plots of lands are systematically allocated throughout the entire peninsula.

Most of the plots of land border on the river, but for the needs of the rest of residents of the village there have been equipped four improved recreational places by the water. For families with children, there is an outdoor playset in the village. The territory of the village is closed.

This peaceful landscape is naturally complimented with houses whose architectural style includes the ‘half-timbering’ elements, which were characteristic of the Latvian architecture at the beginning of the last century, that enhance the feeling of comfort and the European respectability of the mansions.


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