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Real Estate

Real Estate

House in Saulkrasti


"Melnalksni 5", Skulte parish

Kadastra nr.


Zemes platība

1448 m2

Ēkas platība

330.3 m2


€ 215 000


  • The house is situated in a pine forest, a 50-minute drive to downtown Riga - direction - Tallinn highway
  • Distance to the bus stop - 650 meters
  • Located 1 km from the sea
  • Three-storey house with full interior and exterior trim
  • The roof is covered with shingles
  • The house is double insulated with mineral wool and stone
  • Gas central heating, water supply local - well, Bio sewerage
  • On the ground floor is underfloor heating
  • TV, telephone and Internet cables are withdrawn in each room
  • Bathrooms are equipped with baths, showers, WC and sink
  • 1st FLOOR guest room with fireplace (43,4 m2) and room (28.3 m2), kitchen (11.6 m2), boiler house (12,1 m2), bathroom (4,6 m2), two-car garage with automatic closing doors (35,3 m2)
  • 2nd FLOOR bedroom (12,1 m2), bedroom (13,6 m2), bathroom (17,5 m2), bedroom (28,1 m2), bathroom (5,3 m2), bedroom (9,6 m2), terrace (10 m2)
  • 3rd FLOR the place to put a gym or children's playroom


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