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Real Estate

Real Estate



44 Ezermalas Street, Riga

Kadastra nr.


Zemes platība

819 m2

Ēkas platība

616.3 m2


€ 1 400 000


The private house is located in a very quiet, scenic location with its own access to the lake, in a high-quality residential area of private houses.

The concept is created by emphasizing the unique natural environment and varying different architectonic solutions – using modern Scandinavian design as an example.

Bedrooms with lake view (4), living room with fireplace, summer kitchen, elevator, swimming pool, sauna with rest area, bathrooms (2), shower rooms (2), WC (4). 

• Located on the shore of Lake Ķīšezers;

• 10 km from the city centre;

• Near the Riga Zoo;

• Public transport stop nearby;

• Natural surroundings, fresh air.


Technical specifications

• Land parcel area 819 m²;

• Built-up area 167.76 m²;

• Unbuilt land area 686.92 m²;

• Total area of buildings 616.3 m², incl. area of indoor premises 391.7 m²;

• Number of floors - 3;

• Improved land - driveways 67.7 m²;

• Improved land - pavements 103.6 m²;

• Improved land - landscaped area 515.6 m²;

• Degree of fire resistance U3.


+371 2949 9957

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