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Real Estate

Real Estate

Commercial Object, Zvaigžņu iela 1/3, Rīga


1/3 Zvaigžņu Street, Riga

Cadastre No.


Land plot area

2095 m2

Floor area of building

1177.5 m2


€ 380 000


  • two-storey shop building (built in 2004) - 370.7 m2;
  • two-storey residential house (1902) - 283.2 m2;
  • other one-storey buildings (1902-1980) - 523.6 m2


Vacant property in Zvaigžņu Street (Zvaigžņu iela), near Tallinas Street. The property is situated in the historical centre of Riga and in its protected area (RVZ AZ). The existing buildings have little or no cultural and historical value. The two-storey shop building was built in 2004 and is in good condition, the rest of the building is condemned.

UTILITIES: electricity, cold water, sewerage, gas (shop premises are heated by a gas boiler)


+371 2949 9957

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