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Real Estate

Real Estate



Janogu Street, Riga

Land plot area



€ 2 300 000


One of the largest vacant land plots in Rumbula, which is suitable for the construction of a modern logistics and industrial park.

The property is located within 100 m from the A6 highway – Maskavas Street, which is one of the main highways of Riga. As a result of its beneficial location, area around this property has developed rapidly in recent years as an area of industrial parks, separate warehouses and commercial building sites:

• distance to city center – 11 km;

• distance to Riga port – 13 km;

• distance to bypass road of Riga – 5 km;

• the distance to LDZ transshipment station “Skirotava” - 5 km;

• distance to the planned RAIL BALTIC Salaspils cargo transshipment terminal – 12 km.


According to the plan for the permitted use of Riga City, the property is located in the building area of Mixed Building with residential functions (J), which allows the following uses:

• construction of business facilities;

• construction of individual residential houses;

• construction of apartment buildings;

• and other.

The property currently consists of several land plots, but with minor improvements it would be possible to develop at least 2 logistics/industrial parks corresponding current requirements, with the common building area up to 70000sqm and with all the necessary infrastructure, including extensive parking lots



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