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Legal Entities

6. Account management, Internet transactions and SMS alert

6.1. Internet Banking system "MultiNet"

No. Services Price list in EUR
6.1.1. Installation free of charge
6.1.2. License fee free of charge
6.1.3. Providing code card "MultiNet"1 free of charge
6.1.4. Replacement of code card "MultiNet"1 upon the Customer's request 7,00 EUR
6.1.5. Providing code calculator - DigiPass GO-62 15,00 EUR DigiPass DP260 25,00 EUR
6.1.6. Replacement code calculator - DigiPass GO-62 10,00 EUR DigiPass DP260 20,00 EUR
6.1.7. Changing the status of the Customer in the "MultiNet" from individual to corporate 15,00 EUR
6.1.8. Holding connection3 25,00 EUR + 7,00 EUR each subsequent company
6.1.9. Preparation mode of payments without the right to confirm 3,00 EUR
6.1.10. Reissue of user login and password MultiNet 7,00 EUR

6.2. SMS alert

No. Services Price list in EUR
6.2.1. Connecting to the SMS alert free of charge
6.2.2. License fee free of charge
6.2.3. The cost of one SMS4 0,10 EUR par for each SMS

1 Limit of code card "MultiNet" - the amount of one payment to 30,00 EUR, the maximum amount of 150,00 EUR per day
2 Limit of DigiPass GO-6 - the amount of one payment up to 15000,00 EUR, the maximum amount of 60000,00 EUR per day
3 Holding companies are connected to one DigiPass code calculator
4 Fee for received sms is withheld automatically once a day for all sent sms of the previous day

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