On September 21, from 9 p.m. till 11 p.m. there will be short service breaks in operation of our internet banking and limited opportunities to shop online.

In force from 18.09.2023.

For private individuals - seniors who receive their pensions to their accounts held with Industra Bank

6.1.1. Servicing of accounts

No. Services Price list in EUR Opening of an account  25,00 EUR

Additional commission fee for initial examination of documents for a person who is not a citizen of the EU, EEA or Switzerland1

300,00 EUR Account maintenance5 1,00 EUR/per month Closing of an account   2,50 EUR

6.1.2. Cash deposit into own account2

No. Services Price list in EUR EUR - up to 1 000,00 (during one day)  1,00 EUR

6.1.3. Cash withdrawal from a current account3

No. Services Price list in EUR EUR - up to 7 000,00 (during one day)  1% of amount (min. 5,00 EUR)

6.1.4. Payment card MasterCard Debit/Maestro6

No. Services Price list in EUR

Issuance of payment card / additional card in the bank

7,00 EUR

Sending of payment card / additional card by post within Latvia7

3,00 EUR

Monthly card fee

1,50 EUR/per month

Purchase in shops in Latvia

free of charge

Cash withdrawal from ATMs in SEPA countries4

free up to 400,00 EUR per calendar month, over - 1,5% of amount (min. 3,00 EUR)

Cash withdrawal from ATMs in non-SEPA countries4

1,5% (min. 2,00 EUR)

Checking of an account balance at ATMs in SEPA countries4

0,25 EUR

Checking of an account balance at ATMs in non-SEPA countries4

0,36 EUR

6.1.5. SMS - alerts

No. Services Price list in EUR Connecting to the "SMS - alert" service  free of charge The cost of one SMS free of charge

1 Does not apply to a person who has a permanent residence permit issued by the Republic of Latvia, except for citizens of Russia or Belarus.
2 No foreign currency coins are accepted.
3 Amounts that exceed EUR 3 000.00, or equivalents in other currencies, are to be ordered 2 business days in advance, in writing, in Customer service centers. An amount ordered in the Head office must exceed EUR 7000.00.
4 SEPA - the Single Euro Payment Area.
5 To customers with whom a deposit agreement has been concluded the fee for maintenance of a current account is not applied during the term of the agreement.
6 From January 2, 2022, Maestro cards are no longer issued. Maestro cards issued earlier will be valid until their expiry date. If a Maestro card needs to be replaced (renewed, replaced), a MasterCard Debit card will be issued instead.
7 The fee covers the two consignments within Latvia: the card and PIN code.
All other tariffs are according to the Bank's price list for natural person customers - residents of Latvia.

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