In force from 18.09.2023.

Explanations regarding the time of execution of payment orders, depending on the time of submission and the order execution priority level chosen by the Customer.

The Bank executes the Customer's payment order with a value date that depends on the payment execution priority level indicated in the Customer's payment order (Standard, Urgent, Express), taking into consideration the time for submission of payment orders, as specified by the Bank.  The value date may be postponed to the latest date, due to non-business days of the Bank or non-working days of the clearing system of the relevant currency.

Currency of the payment Type of operation Priority of the payment order Cut-off time for submitting a payment order in a certain currency to the Bank in the date D1 Value date1
EUR Domestic transfer Standard 13:00 D
EUR Domestic transfer Standard 16:002 D
EUR Domestic transfer Express 16:00 D (in one hour)
EUR SEPA transfer Standard 13:00 D
EUR International transfer Standard 17:00 D + 1
EUR International transfer Urgent 15:00 D
EUR International transfer Express 15:00 D (in two hours)
USD3   Standard 17:00 D + 2
CNY   Standard 17:00 D + 3
PLN, JPY, KZT, GBP   Standard 17:00 D + 2
RUB   Standard 17:00 D + 1


1 D – the date when the Customer has submitted the payment order to the Bank.
2  If the money is being transferred to a bank that is a member of the electronic clearing system of the Bank of Latvia (List of participants).
3 Upon the customer's request, the Bank may execute a USD payment order faster, applying accordingly an individual fee.

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