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3. Preparation Of Documents And Certificates

3.1. Provision of transfer confirmations (S.W.I.F.T. copies) at the Bank or by fax

No. Services Price list in EUR
3.1.1. Provision of S.W.I.F.T. copy by Customer's request (standard rate) 10,00 EUR / for copy 
3.1.2. Provision of unlimited number of S.W.I.F.T. copies 100,00 EUR / per month 

3.2. Issue of the copy of the confirmed payment on the Customer request

No. Services Price list in EUR
3.2.1. On the day of the transfer confirmation 2,00 EUR
3.2.2. For period from 2 days to 1 month 3,00 EUR
3.2.3. For period above 1 month 20,00 EUR

3.3. Preparation and issue of letters of reference

No. Services Price list in EUR
3.3.1. Information about the availability of an account in the bank and its balance 20,00 EUR
3.3.2. Another type of inquiry on request 25,00 EUR
3.3.3. Bank reference upon termination of business relationship with the customer 100,00 EUR
3.3.4. Providing comprehensive information about the Customer to the audit 45,00 EUR
3.3.5. Recommendation letter  30,00 EUR
3.3.6. Nonstandard inquiry1 information in the Bank

3.4. Modification of account data (due to changes in legal documents)

No. Services Price list in EUR
3.4.1. Registration of power of attorney 20,00 EUR

3.5. Correspondence fee

No. Services Price list in EUR
3.5.1. Posting by courier 15,00 EUR + courier fee 
3.5.2. Registered letter  10,002 EUR
3.5.3. Send fax 5,00 EUR
3.5.4. Arrangement of invitation when applying for a visa to enter Latvia 100,00 EUR + state fee

1 When issuing an inquiry, which comprises comprehensive information for which there is a separate rate, the value of inquiry is defined as the sum of different fees    
2 Plus real expenses according to existing LR communication tariffs

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