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1. Stocks transactions

No. Services Price list in EUR
1.1. USA stocks 0,05 USD per share (min. 40,00 USD)2
1.2. Russian stocks 0,35% of trading amount (min. 50,00 EUR)4
1.3. EU stocks 0,3 % of trading amount (min. 50,00 EUR)2
1.4. other stocks 0,4 % of trading amount (min. 50,00 EUR)2

2. Operations with Bonds Market

No. Services Price list in EUR
2.1. Eurobonds 0,1% of trading amount (min. 100,00 EUR)1
2.2. Russian bonds nominated in RUB 0,2% of trading amount (min. 100,00 EUR)4
2.3. Bonds issued by AS "Industra Bank" free of charge

3. Margin transactions

No. Services Price list in EUR
3.1. Futures Client pays exchange fee, bank's commission by agreement
3.2. Options Client pays exchange fee, bank's commission by agreement
3.3. CFDs or other by agreement

4. Securities custody

No. Services Price list in EUR
4.1. Opening of Financial instrument account free of charge
4.2. Closing of financial instrument account free of charge
4.3. Financial instrument account maintenance:  
4.3.1. EUR (NASDAQ Riga stocks and other LV instruments), NASDAQ CSD custody fee 0,02%3 per month (min. 1,00 EUR for stocks, min. 50,00 EUR for bonds)
4.3.2. Other financial instrument EUR/USD, custody fee 0,02%3 per month (min. 50,00 EUR for bonds)
4.3.3. Other financial instrument, custody fee 0,025%3 per month (min. 3,00 EUR for stocks)
4.4. Defaulted Bonds, maintenance 0,005% face value, min. fee 20 EUR for ISIN
4.5. Financial instrument account statement on Customer request free of charge
4.6. Sending a document by post on Customer request 10,00 EUR + mailing costs
4.7. Another type of inquiry/statement on request 100 EUR (for inquiry/statement)4
4.8. Securities blocking for shareholder meeting 10,00 EUR
4.9. Deregistration of securities 15,00 EUR
4.10. Securities transfer via NASDAQ CSD:  
4.10.1. government bonds (LV) 10,00 EUR
4.10.2. other securities 17,00 EUR
4.10.3. portfolio 10,00 EUR
4.10.4. direct transfer within AS "Industra Bank" 3,00 EUR
4.11. Securities receiving/transfer:  
4.11.1. stocks registered Nasdaq CSD via Nasdaq CSD, receiving 10,00 EUR
4.11.2. via other custodians, receiving 50,00 EUR4
4.11.3. financial instrument transfer to another bank, transfer 0,5% of transaction amount (min. equivalent 50,00 EUR for stocks, 100,00 EUR for bonds)
4.12. Participation in corporate events by agreement
4.13. Submission of a declaration on reduction of tax payments in accordance with the intergovernmental agreement on the avoidance of double taxation by agreement
4.14. Reporting of transactions with derivative financial instruments on EMIR requirements by agreement5

1 The fee is charged in currency of account. FOREX transactions commission fee is not applied
An individual commission fee is applied if a transaction turnover exceeds 1 000 000 EUR per month
From market value of the portfolio debt at the end of month. Commission fee is applied once per quarter
4 Commission fees of third parties are charged to the Customer account
Commission fee is applied if at least one transaction is handled per month

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