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Special Offers

The Industra Set for Senior Citizens

Industra has prepared the most advantageous set of services for the life rhythm and finance needs of senior citizens, offering a chance to receive pensions and social subsidies at the Industra Bank accounts, with particularly advantageous terms:

  • Free opening an account;
  • Free provision of a Maestro payment card;
  • A particularly advantageous monthly fee for the payment card - EUR 0.50/month;
  • Free payment card settlements for purchases at Latvian stores;
  • Free withdrawal of cash from ATMs in EEZ zones twice per month;
  • The fee for learning about the account balance in ATMs in Latvia (EUR 0.25) or abroad (EUR 0.36);
  • Free links to the "SMS Report" service.

To customers with whom a deposit agreement or a savings account agreement has been concluded the fee for maintenance of a current account is not applied during the term of the agreement. 

Should you be interested in this offer and wish to receive your pension at the Industra Bank, contact any client service centre, bringing along your passport and your pensioner certificate.

You can also receive information about your account by ringing any Industra client service centre.

The Industra price list

More detailed information about the Industra set for senior citizens:

Open an account and apply for a payment card !