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POS Terminals

Electronic payments, automated cash registers and increasing non-cash transactions are an everyday issue for businesses, particularly in the retail sector. The popularity of electronic payments will only increase, and that is why Industra, as a true partner for businesses, is marching along with this economic trend. We offer POS and mini-POs terminals that make it possible for people to make payments at stores quickly and securely. Some of the cards are no-contact cards.

To install a POS terminal:

  • You must have a payment account at Industra;
  • The Internet must be available at the place where the POS terminal will be installed.

The POS terminal is installed two or three business days after the agreement is signed.  All operations, including authorisation of the card and the transfer of funds, are  automated.  Individual agreements will be reached on the provision of card services at POS terminals.

Apply for the installation of a POS terminal

More detailed information about POS terminals:

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