Taking care of our own and other people's health, we urge our clients to use the bank’s services remotely

We are the only bank in Latvia which distinctly focuses on co-operation with businesspeople, particularly when it comes to manufacturers, service providers and implementers and developers of ideas in the "real economy." If you are a new client, tell us when you want to visit us so that we can do the things that are necessary to open an account.

In order to open an account in Industra, please fill in these application forms, send them to the bank, and make an appointment:

A form to open an account:

The client's form

The card of the client's representative

The card of the true beneficiary

A signature sample card and a stamp impression card (if a stamp is used) 

When visiting the bank you will need:

  • Your company's statutes;
  • Your registration certificate (for companies registered prior to February 17, 2014);
  • The passport of the person with signature rights;
  • A document which confirms the authority and signature rights of a representative of a legal entity, as well as the term of such authorisation (for officials – a protocol, decision, instruction or similar document vis-à-vis appointment or election to the post, as well as the decision from the Company Register or the Commercial Register about the registration of the official);
  • A notarised document of authorisation if the client is represented on the basis of authorisation, as well as the passport of that person;
  • A registration of the client company's participants or shareholders.

The price list for accounts.

Existing clients can submit an application for a new account via our Internet bank.

Information about processing of your personal data.

More detailed information about an account at Industra:

Open an account and apply for a payment card !