People have never had such valuable days as senior citizens. People who are 70 years old are like very recent 50-year-olds.  We will enjoy these days longer and at a higher level of quality than ever before. We don't really want to say that these are days for elderly people. A good pension will be very useful.  

INDUSTRA  pensions are a long-term financial solution with stability and foreseeability that are just as important as income. We will work with each client to define the most appropriate pension accumulation strategy. INDUSTRA  partners with IPAS INVL Asset Management,which manages 3rd-level pension investments. The third level offers a voluntary way of saving up money for your pension which will supplement the state-guaranteed pension (1st and 2nd level). To learn more about 3rd-level pension accumulations, visit

Industry offers four IPAS INVL Asset Management investment plans at the third level, and this involves tax relief (a 20% repayment of individual income tax payments). 3rd-level pensions can be received starting at the age of 55, and the investment can be inherited.

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