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Internet Banking Security

DigiPass GO-6 User Manual

The Code calculator DigiPass GO-6 allows customers to identify themselves in Internet bank MultiNet, to sign payments and authorize other necessary operations, using a unique digit combination. 

Using DigiPass GO-6 to generate access and authorization codes provides a high level security of working with Internet bank MultiNet. The generated device values are unique and each of them can be used only for a limited period of time. 
DigiPass GO-6 use:  

  • Press the button on the device; 
  • Read on the screen 6-digit authorization code; 
  • Enter this code in the Internet bank next to “Code of DigiPass"; 
  • Each generated code is visible on the screen only 20 seconds and for Internet bank entering is feasible only fractional minute. 

The device DigiPass GO-6 at the same time guarantees both a high level of security and convenience of remote access to the Bank. 

DigiPass GO-6 is an alternative to authentication device DigiPass 260 and code card. For DigiPass GO-6 users are available higher limits on transactions than for code cards users. 

In appearance the device DigiPass GO-6 is like Keychain - easy and simple to use. 

Provide safety of your DigiPass device and do not allow anybody to have access to your PIN-code. 

If you have lost your DigiPass or it has been stolen inform the Bank immediately.  

In order to receive new Digipass device you have to visit the Bank. 

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