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Industra Experience

Industra Experience

INDUSTRA grants a loan of 1.5 million euros for development of the manufacturer IKTK

INDUSTRA , in support of the local comapny, has granted a loan of 1.5 million euros to the Ozolnieki-based manufacturer of large glued laminated wooden structures.

Structures manufactured by IKTK are exported for construction of public buildings and bridges in other European countries; however, some structures manufactured by the company are used also in construction of concert halls, sports buildings, office and production buildings, and bridges in Latvia. Glued laminated structures are increasingly more often used in the modern wooden construction, as these structures can be made in large sizes, various shapes, and they stand out with high load capacity; moreover, they are made of renewable resources.

“The granted funding will help the company to develop. We are exporters, and more than three quarters of the products manufactured by IKTK are exported across the borders of Latvia. Already from the moment of establishment of the company, our aim is to be innovators and creators of higher value added, instead of being just exporters of resources, and to reach this aim, we have made continuous investments. We will invest the new funding granted by the bank in acquisition of production equipment and refinancing of liabilities of previously made investment on more favourable conditions,” says Māris Peilāns, the Chairman of the Board of IKTK.

“We continue purposeful implementation of the new strategy of INDUSTRA , supporting medium and small businesses of the real economy of Latvia. The successful cooperation with IKTK allows us to replenish the loan portfolio of the bank and, not less important - provides an opportunity for growth of the local company and promotion of employment of residents. This is particularly topical issue in these difficult times for all of us,” underlines Raivis Kakānis, the Chairman of the Board of INDUSTRA.

IKTK manufactures up to 32 metres high curved and straight glued laminated wooden structures, and also performs high precision and complexity post-treatment. The structures produced by IKTK have been used in construction objects in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Spain, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, USA, South Korea, the Netherlands; these structures have been used in construction of transport, pedestrian and ski bridges, manufacturing, office and residential buildings, schools, sports buildings, hotels, concert halls, fuel filling and electric charging stations. Among the buildings in Latvia, IKTK has manufactured glued laminated wooden structures for the pedestrian bridge across the motorway near Tērvete Nature Park, roofs of the open-air concert hall “Mītava” and skating rink in Jelgava, transport bridges in Jaunpils and Ječupe, open-air stages in Penkule and Krimūnas, the office of “Latvia's State Forests” in Dundaga, Talsi Library and other buildings, and has also produced the spherical acoustic panels of Mežaparks Large Open-Air Stage. IKTK started its operation in 2015. The company is FSC certified. 

For additional information:
Marita Ozoliņa, Communication and Marketing Director
Mob. 29287169

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