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Industra Experience

Industra Experience

Iecavnieks & Co: A Success Story of an Industra Client

Industra is proud to partner with the Iecavnieks & Co company, a true success story.  It is one of the largest producers of unrefined oil in the Baltic States, processing rapeseed, flax and hemp seeds to obtain unrefined food oil, as well as oil for animal feed and technical needs.  The work of Iecavnieks & Co is always characterised by a high level of quality, as well as concern for sustainability.

Iecavnieks & Co's basic operations including the manufacturing of oil, agriculture, as well as pre-processing and storage of grain.  The company processes rapeseed, flax and hemp seeds to obtain unrefined oils via a cold-pressure technology.  The seeds are mechanically crushed, and the oil is obtained via a particularly high-quality filtration process.  A sub-product from this process is animal feed that is a valuable source of protein.

Years of partnership with the bank have allowed Iecavnieks & Co to pursue various projects, as well as to invest funds in development and reconstruction so as to ensure an unchanging level of product quality.  This year the company is planning another project aimed at manufacturing animal feed on the basis of making use of existing raw materials that can be reprocessed effectively so as to add value.  The company will grow its own rapeseed and beans which, when processed, ensure highly nutritious animal feed that will replace imported feed in terms of quality and price.

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