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Individual Safe-Deposit Boxes

Individual safe-deposit boxes – is an excellent solution for safe storage of important documents and other material values.

Individual safe-deposit boxes are located at the Bank Customer Service Centre "ELIZABETE" at Elizabetes Street 57, in Riga, and are available for private persons who have a current account opened with Industra. 

Individuālie seifi

Advantages for using safe-deposit boxes

  • High security level

  • Complete confidentiality
  • Possibility to choose the most appropriate size and usage term for a safe-deposit box
  • It is possible to provide access to a safe-deposit box for any other person, for example, family member by issuing power of attorney in the Bank or at notary
  • It is possible to entrust the storage of key for a safe-deposit box to the Bank
  • Flexible price list

Sizes of a safe-deposit box

Safe-deposit boxes are offered in five sizes. It is possible to choose the size according to Customer needs.

XS 25 250 410
S 50 250 410
M 100 250 410
L 150 250 410
XL 270 250 410

Term of subscription for a safe-deposit box

It is possible to subscribe for a safe-deposit box for a time period - from 1 month up to 2 years. Customer may also prolong the term of subscription.

Basic conditions of subscription for individual safe-deposit boxes:

  • Required documents: Passport or ID certificate

  • Execution of agreement: Free of charge

  • Access to safe-deposit boxes: During working days from 09:30 till 16:00

  • Commission fee of subscription for safe-deposit boxes: According to the Bank's price list 

  • Rental period of safe-deposit boxes: 1,3,6,12 and 24 months

In order to subscribe for a safe-deposit box:

  • Customer must have a current account in Industra (Customers can open an account at any customer service center) 
  • Customer has to appear in the Customer Service Centre "ELIZABETE" of Industra in Riga, at 38 Brivibas str. (entrance from Elizabetes str.) having a document certifying personality
  • Customer has to conclude a subscription agreement for individual safe-deposit box

Payment procedure

Payment for subscription for a safe-deposit box is made by wire transfer from the Customer's current account of Industra in accordance with the Bank's price-list. In order to escape from loosing the key of a safe-deposit box, the Customer may entrust the key of a safe-deposit box for storing to the Bank for a separate price (in accordance with the price list of the Bank).


Individual safe-deposit boxes offered by Industra are located in a specially equipped storage area by the Bank, which is corresponding to the latest modern achievements of security technologies and is equipped with fire safety alarm system and equipment.

Due to safety reasons, it is not allowed to store dangerous goods in safe-deposit boxes - explosives and weapons, inflammable, poisonous, narcotic and radioactive substances, as well as goods, which may cause corrosion, mould or effusion.


The Bank guarantees to comply with confidentiality rules, provide high level of service and maintain the content of a safe-deposit box in accordance with the requirements of concluded agreement and terms and conditions for the use of depository.

PDF Safe-deposit box Rental agreement, terms and conditions 

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