On September 21, from 9 p.m. till 11 p.m. there will be short service breaks in operation of our internet banking and limited opportunities to shop online.

INDUSTRA vPOS is a mobile app that enables our customers to accept card payments and can replace a physical POS terminal device. The app complies with PCI DSS standards and is certified by Mastercard and VISA.

It is suitable for merchants, self-employed individuals, small manufacturers, beauticians, medical practices, notaries, couriers, restaurants and caterers, taxi drivers and other entrepreneurs.

Allow your customers to pay with payment card and don not miss out on business opportunities just because the customer does not have a cash with them!

What do you need to use it:

  • smartphone with Android operating system (9 or later) that supports NFC technology;
  • internet connection (mobile data or Wi-Fi);
  • agreement with Industra Bank.


  • It accepts payments with contactless cards and smart devices with a payment function, such as smartphones, smart watches and wristbands;
  • If necessary, the buyer can confirm the purchase with a PIN code;
  • It is possible to issue an electronic receipt for the transaction to the buyer by sending it by e-mail or offering to scan the QR code;
  • It is possible to annul (on the relevant day) or cancel the transaction (after the terminal day is closed);
  • You can view the history of transactions in the app;
  • A trader's portal is available, where you can easily view transaction history and statistics for all your users, as well as filter information according to criteria of interest;
  • The application is available in Latvian and English.

You will be able to start using your virtual POS terminal within a day after signing the agreement.

Please watch a short video on how easy it is to set up the vPOS terminal and how convenient it is to use.
Apply for the use of the POS terminal or call us on +371 6701 9393 for consultation.

Please call us on +371 67019393 to find out more about vPOS or other solutions for business customers.