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WM Serviss receives financing from Industra Bank and continues to develop

SIA "WM Serviss," an agricultural machinery distributor and service provider that recently became the exclusive distributor of high-quality German agricultural machinery from Weidemann GmbH in Latvia, has been granted a credit line of €400,000 by Industra Bank for refinancing existing liabilities and expanding operations.

The range of equipment offered by SIA "WM Serviss" includes versatile loaders, tractors, trailers, forestry machinery, municipal machinery, feed preparation equipment, as well as agricultural machinery accessories such as front loaders, mowers, and sand spreaders. The company also provides spare parts for agricultural machinery.

Raivis Kakānis, Chairman of the Board of Industra Bank, states: "Industra Bank has purposefully chosen to provide financing to Latvian companies within specific sectors that demonstrate a clear and well thought out vision for their future development, convincing us of the potential of their business idea. WM Serviss is one such companies, and we are pleased with the collaboration that has commenced."

 Zagoruiko Maksims, a board member of SIA "WM Serviss", points out: "Our company has been operating in the industry for nearly twenty years, and we associate our future with the trade and service of high-quality and modern Weidemann tractors. For example, the equipment intended for municipal services is already being offered with electric motors, which is in demand in the market, and considering the trends, it will become even more demanded. We are pleased to collaborate with Industra Bank, a financial partner that delves into the business needs of its clients."

To learn more about the equipment and services offered by SIA "WM Serviss", visit: https://www.wm-serviss.lv/lv

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