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We are increasing interest rates on deposits

On October 17, new deposit interest rates will come into effect.

Due to the changes in financial resources pricing in the interbank market, we have increased our interest rates for the Simple Deposit. The new rates apply to Simple Deposit agreements, which will be concluded from October 17th of this year. 

Ordinary deposit interest rates as of October 17, 2022:

Type of deposit

1 year

2 years

3 years

4 years

5 years

Ordinary deposit with interest paid at the end of the term, EUR 0.50% 1.00% 1.20% 1.40% 1.60%
Ordinary deposit with interest paid monthly, EUR 0.40% 0.90% 1.10% 1.30% 1.50%


Please get acquainted with the changes in the price list (changes highlighted in red).

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